Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coverage could use some work

Considering CBC is running Olympic coverage 24hrs a day, you'd think you'd be able to watch entire events from start to finish occasionally. So far they are mainly showing Canadians in their portion of a competition instead of the other competitors or the whole event. Fine, they can't really miss showing Canadians compete, but it's extremely difficult to get a good picture of the competition if you only see a small portion.

The website indicates there are up to 8 CBC channels broadcasting simultaneously, but on tv I only have access to CBC1 and BOLD. The webcasts of the other channels are so small and low-res, you can't comfortably see the action on screen.

The most annoying thing thus far is the inaccuracy of the show descriptions. There was supposed to be live coverage of 3 events starting this evening, but instead they replayed shortened edited versions of Day 1 events. I'd already seen those events 'live', and had been waiting to finally see some Day 2 events begin. Grr.

Now the coverage appears to have ended for a few hours, so I get to nap. Unless I want to finish watching the sleepy slow quiet sailing race on BOLD. Zzzzz.

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