Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canadian Results: Day Four

Canadian swimmers keep coming in 6th or 7th in finals so far, but the lack of medals is deceptive. There have been 16 Canadian records broken by our swimmers, so they're doing extremely well. The men's 4x200m relay team qualified for the finals (in a Canadian record time, natch) and even sat out 2 of their best swimmers while doing so. Medal hopes are getting high for that race. Brent Hayden swam a qualifier for the 100-m freestyle, and came in first in his heat. Julia Wilkinson is posting great times in all her races as well.

Keeping alive the streak of placing 6th/7th in the pool, divers for the Synchronized 10m Platform event came in 7th. The two girls are apparently very good at their optional dives, but didn't perform as well during the competition. No rip entries and some missed dives. Good moment at the start though when they first appeared on the platform: you could overhear cheers from Canadian spectators in the crowd, and by lip-reading I could see the one girl turned to the other and said "That's my mom!"

Canada's softball team blew away Chinese Taipei yesterday. Apparently there won't be softball played at London 2012 because the sport is so one-sided? There's a possibility it will return in 2016 depending on the level of play shown in Beijing's tournament.

Women's soccer continued last night, and Canada lost to the more favoured Swedish team despite starting out the game with a lot of energy. The loss didn't matter too much though, as Canada already qualified for the next round. Next up, playing top seed USA. Canada was ranked 9th worldwide coming into the games.

Missed seeing the actual event, but David Ford placed 6th overall in the K-1 Slalom.

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