Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Writing for fun and profit

I'm doing a bit of freelance writing work. Or trying to. I'm getting stopped up by some legal issues. Perhaps I am being unreasonable, or the client is. I can't tell yet. Basically I figure if I am writing something for a particular project, I own the product and deserve to be paid for its use. It would be completely different if I was a staff writer working as a company employee. In that case, I'd be contractually obligated to provide writing for the company, which the company would own outright at the end. As a freelancer, the product is mine, thus the copyright would also be mine. I could sell the copyright with the writing I suppose, but I think the pricing would have to reflect that. Here I was, pricing my work on the low end of the scale, offering a bargain... but with the proviso if the client wanted the work for different projects, I'd negotiate it separately.

Maybe I should just make them hire me on staff for the length of the project. :)

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