Thursday, May 8, 2008

Far too much time on my hands

It's bad enough I don't post on my home blog... now I'm creating a new personal blog to not update daily. Perhaps that is a bit defeatist. Let's start again.

I'm needing a way to harness my energies, and I think a daily or more frequently updated blog it the way to go. Consider it a resolution. It's not New Years, and I'm already on a successful diet, so it's a creative resolution. I figure once I actually get a job I like, this will fall by the wayside. But for now, I suppose it's a reason to get up in the morning. Rather than mid-morning, or gasp! later in the day. Come to think of it, this is almost assuredly going to be updated at night when I'm avoiding going to bed... but it'll give me something to do beside playing Scramble game after game.

Aha! A valid reason to make a new blog. Huzzah!

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