Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bondi Beach

The weather has been windy and slightly overcast & chilly most days, except the 30 degree day last week. Monday finally dawned sunny and warm, so I headed to Bondi to lounge on the beach. A long bus ride later (since I got on the slowest bus possible, go me!) I landed in surfers' paradise. The famous beach was a long crescent of soft orange sand, bounded by two high cliffs on either end. The water was bright blue, and the waves were steady but not too high.

I lunched on some fish n' chips, then hit the sand with my book and my iPod. There was a light breeze that kept me from getting too hot. At one point I glanced up to see I was surrounded by seagulls and pigeons, pecking at the sand around my blanket. It was a little weird, because there were a LOT of them. Then I realized the wind had brushed the sand away from a scattering of chips that someone had buried, and the birds were getting excited to find treats. I quickly moved to a bird-free zone... Sydney seagulls are crazy.

When I was getting ready to leave, a slightly intoxicated girl ran over to invite me to a beach party since they were short on women. She was devastated to learn I was married and moved on to the next solo girl on the beach. Laughing, I started to gather up my things, then a massive wind came up and started blowing everyone over. It was insane how fast it arrived and how strong it was. I was having trouble walking straight against the wind force. Apparently the beach party was canceled. :)

Um, still no tan. I am the perennial pale face.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you always have difficulty walking straight, wind or no wind?